bella high res headshotVisa shares Hello! My name is Isabella Coelho (to many, Bella) and I am a self-titled multi-media storyteller residing in Chicago (originally from Pittsburgh, PA.)


Isabella is currently covering both roles in Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Emerald City Theatre Company!

photo by Michael Coelho

photo by Michael Coelho

My enthusiasm has always allowed me to get lost in the world of stories, and the only way I could delve further into these adventures is to become a storyteller myself. I am passionate about devising work and collaborating as a teaching artist with young people. Intel shares I tell stories through multiple mediums including theatre, film, and photography as a creator and sometimes a performer. I continually work to craft an experience that fosters a fulfilling relationship between audience and arts. With ingenuity and imagination I hope to instill the love of stories into others.

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